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Announcement - Soignies, Februray 2d. 2016

At FESPA DIGITAL 2016, Mactac will present and showcase the latest developments within its self-adhesive product ranges which already include a very large offer of films and laminates.
The design market, both in outdoor and indoor applications, represents an extraordinary opportunity for our industry. Mactac films offer exciting and creative solutions to existing buildings and their interiors materials but also in the conception of new buildings. Mactac films offer designers a multitude of solutions to create stunning environments. Our state-of-the art technology allows for more and more flexibility in terms of application and removability. We can offer client's the ability to create truly unique and imaginative spaces and do so at a very cost effective rate. Retail stores, offices, reception areas, exhibitions, lobbies, bars, restaurants, hotels and home decorators are all ideal markets that can be targeted by designers and converters for new, profitable business opportunities.

Wrapping vehicles for fashion is also the latest trend in vehicle decoration. With Mactac TuningFilm range, car owners now have the opportunity to personalize the paintwork of their vehicle to suit their own tastes and to create a unique, individual look. Mactac TuningFilm can also be used on boats creating stunning effects.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit our booth ! This year, Mactac will to demonstrate a wide range of applications through the films and laminates that will be used to decorate the booth. The booth will be totally decorated using not only several Mactac best sellers but also some of our brand new products.
Almost all surfaces of the booth including floor, walls and even pieces of furniture will be covered with various Mactac products to show how easy it is to completely and easily transform a room, a building, a street, a window, a car, a boat, a table or a chair with Mactac self-adhesive films.
In addition, a part of the Mactac booth will be dedicated to various application demonstrations: come and discover how to revamp an entire room by applying Mactac films on floor, pieces of furniture, and walls. Demonstration sessions will take place several times a day. Do not hesitate to attend one of them!
Mactac will also organize a special event on its booth on Thursday the 10th of March pm : the 6 Mactac Creative Awards winners of 2015 will be announced and will receive their prize, a cheque of 500€ and a Mactac Creative Awards Winner Certificate from our President Guido Alvino for the artworks achieved with Mactac films and submitted to the vote of a professional jury and to public votes on www.mactaccreativeawards.com

Mactac latest developments :

MacDot : Easy application, ONE DOT, THAT'S ALL!
With its structured removable adhesive in the form of dots, MACdot 128 and MACdot 199 films allow printed decors to be perfectly applied, even by non-professionals, enabling over-night campaigns on any scale.


Easy 209 P printing media is easy to apply thanks to its 200μ thickness.
Its permanent opaque (grey) adhesive allows a perfect masking of the previous designs, reducing the total application time.

CastRAP 629 B-Free : the ultimate solution for total or partial covering
CastRAP 629 B-Free is a new cast-vinyl film equipped with Bubble Free technology, for an easy and bubble-free application. CastRAP 629 B-Free is especially adapted for extreme 3D surfaces (convex, concave,riveted,
and embossed). The micro-texture of the channels drawn in the adhesive are small enough to be invisible on the surface leaving a perfectly smooth surface appearance. CastRAPTM series are perfectly
compatible with CastLAM (Gloss & Matt) and Permacolor HORIZonTM laminating films.


Mactac wrapping

MacPoly : long-term indoor and outdoor applications
The MacPoly 900 series are specially designed for digitally printed, long-term application (up to 5 years), on flat and curved surfaces (2D) and perfectly compatible with PolyCover 999 (gloss) and PolyCover 998 (matt) laminating films.

CastLam & Permacolor HORIZonTM : 3D Laminates
CastLAM & HORIZonTM laminates protect printed images from potential degradation and delay the blurring of colours caused by exposure to UV rays. The matt finish has a unique anti-reflection quality and provides the vehicle with a trendy, silky appearance (soft touch surface).
Permacolor HORIZonTM film offers increased protection even for high UV radiation on exposed
vertical areas (up to 7 years - Zone 1) and horizontal areas such as the bonnets and roofs of vehicles (up to 3 years in zone 1).
The CastLAM & Permacolor HORIZonTM series are specially designed for permanent indoor and outdoor applications, on flat, curved, riveted or embossed surfaces. They are intended for the total or partial covering of vehicles or boat hulls* as well as furniture.

Floorgraphics: whatever your project, Mactac has the solution !
Whatever the project - inside or outside decoration, product promotion, general signage applications, directional signs, point of sale retailing, special event announcements, Mactac Floorgraphics films will do the job. Mactac offers a large choice of printing films perfectly suited for creating complex floor graphics, completed by a choice of 5 non-slip laminating films to match the required durability and slip resistance.

Visit our booth (Hall7 - T70) to see these and more product innovations.