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Following a hugely successful response to the concept of Boat Wrapping using MACtac Tuning Film at both the London and Southampton Boat Shows in 2014, MACtac UK and their specialist Nautic Partner’s Grapefruit Graphics were once again exhibiting at London Boat Show 2015 which after 10 days closed on Sunday 18th January.

The focal point of the MACtac/Grapefruit Graphics stand was the upturned hull of a section of  Boat decorated in MACtac Tuning Film (as can be seen on the picture attached). Staff from both companies were on hand to answer a wide range of questions from boat industry journalists, boat builders, charter companies, boating schools etc. , not forgetting a vast number of individual boat owners.

What was most encouraging about this event was that a large number of those that visited the stand had heard of “Vinyl Hull Wraps”, MACtac and/or Grapefruit Graphics, often via other people who had already personalised their boat, with Tuning Film from MACtac, applied by Grapefruit Graphics.

In fact great examples of the Grapefruit Graphics workmanship and the versatility of MACtac’s Tuning Film were in evidence on other stands at the show, namely BAR (Ben Ainslie Racing – see photo) and Cobra Ribs on a Draco Boat

Feedback was very positive, often with the first response being that  Tuning Film appeared not just visually as good and robust as gel coated paint, but offered a much wider spectrum of Colours, Textures and Effects.

Without exception Visitors acknowledged and accepted the point that self-adhesive Vinyl had been used on Boats “trouble free” for as far back as they could remember, but this was in the form of simply stripes or boat names. Why not then it was suggested to Visitors , pick one of more than 50 colours to change the basic look of the Hull and personalise your Boat to make “Your Boat Your Colour”, perhaps Sparkling Pink or Matt Black to reflect your taste or Personality

When these same people then realised that Tuning Film professionally fitted by Grapefruit would  cost on average half as much as paint, but maintain its high gloss finish longer just simply by washing over with soapy water, generally they were amazed and sold on the idea. It became clear why they were so keen when many boat owners explained that with their existing painted boat they had to perform an annual ritual of many, many hours work buffing the paint to restore the Gloss appearance, so the benefits of Vinyl Hull wrapping was immediately obvious to them.

Those that feared changing the colour of their boat to something more personal as it might become less saleable in future, were in fact further encouraged to learn that not only could they change the colour but if they come to sell the boat, or want to change to another Colour, then Tuning Film from MACtac has been designed to be removed cleanly at that moment. The boat would therefore be back to as it was with a bonus that the underlying finish of the gel coat would be as good as it was before the vinyl was applied. Effectively a brand new White or Blue Boat - which represents more than 90% of those made worldwide today - can be wrapped let’s say in Silver, or the presently trendy Champagne colour  from new,  and 5 years later when the owner decides to sell the vinyl can be removed and the gel coat will still be as new.   

To summarise the success of the event, more than 100 detailed enquiries and quotes were recorded for Hull Wraps, primarily from the UK and Ireland but also many parts of Europe, Asia and America. Good news for Grapefruit’s team of professional fitters then, who can further look forward to travel around the globe to apply MACtac Tuning Film as a MACtac approved “Nautic Partner