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Shop windows and glass partitions are usually covered either with static images or unimaginative graphics, however new MACtac GlassMovie films allow rear projection to animate shop windows. These filmic constructions can be applied onto synthetic or natural glass and the movie-style pictures are projected from behind the glass surface, enabling them to be viewed by those passing by outside for added impact. 


These constructions deliver greatly contrasting colours and a high image resolution, and rear projection on these films ensures that images are visible at both close range and from distance. Images are visible from a 100° angle and any screen size is possible, from a company logo to an XXL screen.
Sign makers can give the screen the shape customers like as the film is easy to plotter cut. Rear projection films are as easy to apply as a standard self-adhesive film and are very cost-effective. 


GlassMovie technology can also be used to provide information or create a unique atmosphere for special events organised by travel agencies, car dealers, amusement parks, shopping malls and railway stations. Wherever image projection adds value, these films will deliver additional profit opportunities to printers.

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