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The grand opening of the So Ouest Shopping Centre featured a stunning audio-visual display realized by MEGAMARK.  The windows of the entire building were wrapped with MACtac Translucent Light Diffuser Film, transforming the building into a giant broadcasting platform.  Auditore Agency synchronized an amazining light show to the rhythm of live electric beats from artist Yuksek.

To realize this incredible project, over 600sqm of MACtac 9798-60 was selected as the perfect film choice.  This light diffusing film is approved M1 and offers a high performance adhesive system.  The 60% light diffusing top sheet is specially designed to transmit light in a perfectly homogeneous way, which was important for a project of this nature.

The Pixel Show will continue to illuminate the So Ouest Shopping Centre every evening at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm.

Opening of So Ouest Shopping Centre.
Date : October 17th, 2012.
Realization : MEGAMARK www.megamark.fr

Mactac Adhesive Film : MACal 9798-60 Pro - Translucent Light Diffuser 60%.