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Oklejanie pojazdów (wypukłości i wklęsłości)

CastLAM Matt, CastLAM Gloss & LUV 3599  are especially designed for the protection of super soft, flexible printed media like JT5529 P/PM/MBF and JT 5629 PM for the decoration of flat, riveted or corrugated surfaces (cut around deep corrugations is always recommended).

CastLAM Matt & CastLAM Gloss are therefore designed for the protection of super soft printed media like WW100 for the decoration of uneven walls such as brick walls.

Being optically clear & conformale, LUV 3697 is recommended for the lamination of perforated vinyls for window graphics and one-way vision advertising on flat to slightly curved surfaces.

HORIZon is an extremely durable and conformable laminate which offers superior protection from UV light, acid rain and high heat to help extend the life of your vehicle graphics.  

CastLAM MattUltra clear matt highly conformable soft cast PVC 30 µmUltra TransparentMattClear4 years
CastLAM GlossUltra clear gloss, soft 30µ cast PVC filmTransparentGlossUltra Clear4 years
Permacolor HORIZonUltra clear gloss, soft 35µm non-PVC filmUltra clearglossyPermanent clear acrylicClear7 years
ShieldLamultra clear, soft 50µm PU filmultra clear glossultra clear permanentultra clear8 years - zone 1 - vertical exposure