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Electrodes/pads, IV holders

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There are two primary properties that are critical when engineering skin adhesives  : bond strength and gentle release. And for the first time, the industry will have access to a family that offers both.

Mactac Medical Products has leveraged recent developments in polymer science and adhesive technology to expand its adhesive platform. This expansion enables Mactac to offer a full range of bond strength, from extreme, long-term adhesion to light duty, low adhesion. Regardless of bond strength, all of the adhesives are formulated for a smooth removal, featuring a "buttery" release.

Beyond strength, this technology is customizable and features properties that allow the adhesive to be "dialed in" and bond to particular substrates. These custom adhesives can be coated on foams, films or fabrics to suit your device construction requirements, all while providing specific quick tack, shear strength and clean removal.


These adhesive systems are ideal for device and electrode manufacturers in health care industries. Applications include monitoring, defibrillation, muscle and nerve stimulation, as well as grounding pads and diagnostic devices. and all of them are suitable for skin contact

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Medical Tape 9479 EURSingle-sided non woven tape coated on one side with acrylic based, hypoallergenic pressure sensitive adhesive. Designed for use as a breathable medical tape : TENS and stress electrodes plus protective pads and coversSBMA

densified, semi-bleached kraft release liner

80 gr/m²355-455 µ