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Adhesives for surgical drapes

Mactac self adhesives for surgical drapes, adhesive lamination of surgical drapes, adhesive surgical drape

Mactac Medical Products has introduced its enhanced line of single-coated and double-coated pressure-sensitive adhesive systems, specifically designed for use in surgical drape application.



Converters are seeing an increased demand for optimal adhesion in drape-to-drape and drape-to-patient application as end users seek to lower the risk of surgical site infections (SSI). With an estimated 500,000 SSIs each year, U.S. health providers are constantly looking for ways to lower costs. Mactac's pressure-sensitive adhesive systems help with this, isolating the surgical site by providing a barrier that creates a sterile field - all without sacrificing patient comfort during removal.


Healthcare providers are pressured to decrease spending while improving patient care, Mactac Medical Products. Our new surgical drape adhesive assists customers with their budget and patient comfort requirements - and offers the ability to customize for specific applications.


Mactac's expanded platform increases the variety of substrates converters are able to work with, including spunlace, SMS, Kraton, and PE and EVA films.


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